A True Story of the Infantrymen in Vietnam

"The base camp soldiers lived in and experienced a totally different war. There were far more of them than there were grunts.  When they returned to the States, the World learned about their war, about their Nam, the safe, unreal Nam . . . where everything happened but war."   Quote from Book

The author’s journey into the discovery of his past began unexpectedly when he read in a book that Shake ’n Bakes in Vietnam were twerps and did not perform with honor during the war. The actual words he read were:

  “A Shake ’n Bake sergeant was one of the lesser known evils to come out of the Vietnam War to infect the Army. These twerps would attend NCO school for eight weeks and come out buck sergeants. No experience, little skills, but a great big attitude.” A quote by James Janos ( Jesse the Body Ventura) The Teams. Avon Books. Copyright  1998.

 When he read this quote, Jerry Horton became both angry and curious. After all, he had been a Shake ‘n Bake in Vietnam. Thus the journey began. Now, thirty years later, after re-experiencing his life in NAM Sergeant Horton has resolved his issues and finds peace with himself. He concludes: 

 My journey is, of course, not complete, but I have old friends with me now. Friends with whom I share a special bond, friends, that almost died with me, and for me. No matter what happens in our lives now, nothing can erase what we went through together. We experienced life’s most cruel, brutal and emotional experiences together in the battlefield and lived through them. We faced death together. And yes, I did perform with honor. I am proud to have been an infantryman and most of all I am honored to have served with the men of Company A 1st Battalion 8th Infantry. You are all my heroes.”